Ruby Dagger and her rigger, Bosun- Timmy, both share a passion for shibari, kinabku and rope suspensions.

They are keen to pass on the knowledge on the history of rope and its uses, as well as practical uses in a BDSM setting and beyond.

In workshops, Ruby and Timmy will take you both through rope safety, basic knots, chest harnesses, simple yet effective ties. For those looking to expand their knowledge, TK ties, advanced harnesses and rope suspension can be taught. 

Ruby approaches her tuition through the eyes of a bunny, though she is a rigger too. She mostly works with self-suspensions. Ruby has a background in running rope workshops, classes and meetings. She has an interest in rope as an aerial artform, and in the beauty of decorative shibari. Rope is a tool for meditation practices, and she takes a reflective, philosophical approach.

Bosun-Timmy has been a rope rigger for boats for over 10 years, and has a keen interest in practical and sadistic rope play. He loves to see rope bunnies flying, and welcomes the state of euphoria derived from rope. In his words "It only takes two people and a length of rope to form a beautiful connection."


Ruby and Timmy have both formed a wonderful friendship through the rope, and invite you to alter your perceptions, gain knowledge and form lasting connections. If you would like to book a workshop- either for a group or as a private class, please do contact through the "Contact" page form.